On the way to burger heaven


What could be better than a juicy beef burger seared to perfection and topped as you like it? At the diner we believe good food need not be complicated. Our trained chefs start with 100% fresh, never-frozen beef and add a simple blend of spices.

The Prep

We hand blend the mixture, weigh each patty to 6 ounces, then hand press this tasty beef and spices mixture into patties.


The Cooking

Your burger starts off seared on the flat top, heated to 480 deg F, while weighted. The weight ensures that the meat is firmly in touch with the cooking surface, giving the patty a beautiful sear and even cooking. As the burger cooks we spread our sesame seed bun with garlic butter then toast it on the flat top.

The Toppings

We top your burger with a hybrid lettuce designed specifically for burgers: this blend has iceberg for crunch and leaf lettuce for the beautiful curls at the edge. Next is a plump slice of tomato, a garlic pickle, and red onions. That’s what goes on our Classic burger, check out the list of additional toppings to truly customize your burger.


The Plating

Accompanying our burgers are fresh hand-cut fries that we blanch daily. If you’d rather, go for sweet potato fries, onion rings, poutine, garden salad or caesar salad.