July 10 - September 3


Participate to win prizes!


Here's how it works

We want YOUR input on which beer to offer regularly at The Spatula. All four beers will be available throughout the summer. Each beer is featured for two weeks, then there is a draw for one prize package, with a summer’s end grand prize draw.

To win the biweekly contest: every time you order a featured beer, you receive a ballot. Winner drawn every two weeks. To win the grand prize: get your Clash of the Crafts passport stamped for each kind of beer to qualify for the grand prize draw on September 3.

Macleans Ales Bent Spoke: July 10 - 24
Hockley Valley Brewing Amber: July 25 to August 6
Sidelaunch Brewing Pale Ale: August 7 - 20
Flying Monkeys 12 Minutes to Desting: August 21 - September 3